AV11--Need advice.

From: James Rice <jrice54_at_charter.net>
Date: Thu May 29 08:10:00 2003

Hi Sherrill,

As of this day, we have replaced over 100 AV11 and 12 AV18's with the
leaking caps. We have also had one BP-6 from ABit that had the same
problem. all but 3 of these have been on customer premises. We have
been replacing them with A-Open AX-34U and MX36LE boards. These boards
use the same Via chipset as the affected Shuttle boards, so driver and
HAL issues have been minimal. Shuttle has been of no assistance and
this has been at our expense. Needless to say, Shuttle has been
removed from our vendor list. The no-cost out of warranty replacement
policy has cost us some money but has slavaged customer good will. We
provide a loaner machine while the replacement is being done at our
shop. Since the loaners are 2.5ghz P4's we have sold several loaners to
people who didn't want to give up the faster machine when repairs are

Ours have been running Win98 or Win2k and have processor speeds from
800-933 P3's. We never supported or sold Celerons. Good luck with your


Sherrill wrote:

>I ran across your 11/4/02 post about leaking capacitors. We have two
>(so far) PCs afflicted. What scares the crap out of me is that we have
>a number of them at customers as voicemail servers. You said you
>replaced with AV22 and AV18, and we'd like to find out if that'll work
>for us. I also read at overclockers how to replace capacitors. I
>believe both the PCs are 700 mhz Celeron running Windows XP.
>I'd appreciate any advice you can give us.
>Sherrill Lowrey
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