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From: Brian Hechinger <>
Date: Thu May 29 08:54:00 2003

On Thu, May 29, 2003 at 06:18:40AM -0700, Ethan Dicks wrote:
> They used to say the same thing about BSD/VAX coders...

all those unix people are evil!!! *ducking!*

> The charge in 1983 was "char * and an int are the same size..."

equally as evil. ;)

> The hosed parties 20 years ago tended to be 16-bit users/admins.

i wasn't lucky enough to get to deal with 16-bit machines on a regular basis.

i do now, but not then. ;)

> I realize that Linux on x86 is a hugely popular platform for Open Source
> work, but there's plenty of UltraSPARC machines out there... surely
> you don't need an Alpha to shatter these assumptions

i wonder how many people build things 64-bit though? it's very easy to build
and run 32-bit software on sparc64 and MIPS64. i do, but i'm one of those
weirdos. ;)

> (whose Alpha is running VMS, not UNIX; because it can)

all my alphas run VMS. my octane only runs IRIX because no-one has ported
VMS to it yet. ;)

"I'd say don't quit your day job, but you're pretty lousy at that too."  -Bender
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