XENIX Distribution Disks

From: Kelly Leavitt <CCTech_at_catcorner.org>
Date: Thu May 29 20:24:00 2003

> To reduce the time involved in making copies, would you be willing to make
> disk images, and put them somewhere accessible? That way those of us
> an 8" hooked to a PC could make 8" disks.

OK. I've got an ftp server lined up, can even put them on CD's and duplicate
a batch on scrap discs (don't ask, I was trying to calibrate a termal CD
printer). The big question:

What is the best tool to create the disk images? Rawread/rawwrite? dd? cpio?
something else? The easiest thing for me is either dd under linux or raw
read under MSDOS (like the linux boot discs). I have lots of 5.25" disc
drives laying around. All I have to do is hook one up.

I'd rather not create the 8" discs myself. The media on them seems to peel
off onto the head if you have cheap ones. Then I have to take the drive
apart, clean the head... since I've already copied most down to 5.25 (I
still have to do mbasic, multiplan, and Profile 16+), I will make images
from the 5.25" discs as time permits and put them up on a public ftp server
for a while.

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