DOS/Windows for Wang Professional Computer (not a PC clone)?

From: Dr. Ido <>
Date: Fri May 30 14:27:01 2003

At 02:11 PM 5/30/03 -0400, you wrote:
>That was a machine that came out before compaq clones the IBM bios.
>Dont think it is anywhere near pc compatible.

I know it's not PC compatible (well there is a PC compatibilty card for it,
but that's not what I am referring to). What I'd like to find are the
versions of DOS 3.2 (possible) and Windows 1.03 (unlikely) that are native
to this machine.

Weren't there other non-PC versions of Windows 1.x? DEC Rainbow? Tandy 2000?

I'm sure I've read about those versions, seen screenshots even. Never
actually seen any of them running in the flesh though.

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>> Recently I picked up a Wang Professional Computer. Can't find a model
>> number on it anywhere. It 8086 based, 256KB RAM, 360KB FDD, 10MB HDD.
>> It runs MS-DOS 2.11, but it is not PC compatible.
>> A long time before I got this machine I found some software for it. A box
>> of original disks all marked "Wang Professional Computer". It includes 2
>> versions of the integrated word processor, MS Chart, DOS3.2 and Windows
>> 1.03. Both versions of the word processor run, ms chart bombs saying I
>> have the wrong graphics card. Neither DOS 3.2 nor Windows 1.03 will
>> install. DOS 3.2 just hangs the machine, Windows 1.03 bombs with an
>> interrupt error. The disks seem to read okay.
>> Anyone know what I'm doing wrong or have working copies?
>> I vaugely remember seeing pictures of this machine in the Windows launch
>> issue of Byte. Though it would be cool to have windows running on
>> other than a PC clone. I think I've even got a copy Balance of Power for
>> Win 1.x around here somewhere.
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