That pesky Jupiter Ace *still* won't work...

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Fri May 30 17:35:00 2003

> > > *still* won't boot to the FORTH interpreter.
> > Argh!. There aren't that many chips in the machine...
> I know...
> I also know that the repairs to the through-hole plating for the main RAMs,
> buffers and video RAMs are fine.
> That leaves the possibility of:
> A) Dead RAMs
> B) Dead LS buffers
> C) Dead ROMs

Didn't you have a relatively high -ve voltage on a data line? If so, you
might well have killed a buffer chip...

> > Where are you in the country? I am not lending out any of my test gear (I
> > depend on it too much!), but if it's physcially possible for us to get
> > close together, I can have a quick look and wave some probes over it...
> I'm in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Argh... Too far from me in London, then.

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