DOS/Windows for Wang Professional Computer (not a PC clone)?

From: Dr. Ido <>
Date: Fri May 30 23:24:01 2003

At 02:04 PM 5/31/03, you wrote:
>Is the the green screen 'Wang Classic' computer ? If
>so, I don't believe that a Windows port was ever
>available for it.
>There were later Wang machines that supported Windows;
>these were PC clones. I had one of these around
>1986/1987 that ran Windows 1.03 IIRC. There was also a
>port of the Wang Word Processing software that ran on
>the later PC compatible models. But for the Wang
>Classic I think you'd be limited to their flavour of
>MS-DOS due to the BIOS differences.

I have the mono card with green monitor on my wang, but there is a color
card/monitor for them.

Was the Wang PC clone that you had also called a Wang Professional? If so
then I probably do just have PC versions of DOS 3.2 and Win 1.03.

I thought I might have got lucky, as both the box and the disks are marked
"Wang Professional Computer Series".
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