SemiOT: Network HW items

From: Jim Davis <>
Date: Sat May 31 06:22:00 2003

John Rollins wrote:

>> Get another one and you can hook-up your own local T-1 ;)
> ??
> OK, I don't know much about higher speed setups. I know ISDN is kinda
> outdated and slow now, but what is currently available at what
> speeds/costs and how are they setup? Rather OT I suppose.
> But more towards the quote above, what really would be needed to setup
> a T1? And how fast IS a T1(something I probably used to know but
> forgot a while ago since I don't run across them often)? The older
> TSU/CSU/DSU/Whatever-SU's(not only is my memory bad, but I can't seem
> to think straight right now!) seem to show up a lot at surplus stores
> or in junk piles. Any reasons to grab or avoid them?
A T1 is a old telecom digital datastream consisting of 24 ds0 s
A ds0 is a 8 Kbyte serial data stream, ( one simplex audio stream )
so, a T1 is 24 * 8Kbytes/sec = 196.5Kbytes/sec, about 1.5kbits/sec
ADSL or cable are much cheaper and faster, T1 is externally clocked
and will not be blocked, if you are sending continuous data, and the
application requires a unbroken datastream, T1 is the economy way
to go. For any packet traffic it's a waste since your paying for every
Jim Davis.
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