From: Feldman, Robert <Robert_Feldman_at_jdedwards.com>
Date: Wed Oct 1 08:47:49 2003

As Tony so interestingly put it, I have become "unwaged." The company I worked for -- J.D. Edwards -- was aquired by PeopleSoft. Part of the merger's "synergy" is a staff reduction :( .

Anyway, I have a few odds and ends (OK, junk) at the office that I do not want to move. Free for postage from Chicago. Do not reply to the list, as it comes to my work email (soon to go away), but rather to r_a_feldman_at_hotmail.com.

1. Toshiba T3100e/40. Power light comes on, but goes no farther. At least the screen is not cracked.

2. Kenitec laptop (XT or AT??), probably non-functional.

3. HP Portable Vectra CS Model 20. Unknown condition (and heavy).

4. Apple IIGS (case, motherboard, Power supply).

5. Epson "Mars board" (an 80C88 motherboard) w/o CPU. Unknown condition.

6. Adaptec Microchannel card, AHA-1640.

7. Set of AT&T 6300 Plus (80386) manuals. Has diagnostic disks, IIRC, but not MS-DOS disks).

8. Borland C++ V3.1 manual set.

9. Borland C++ V4.5, unopened package of 28 floppy disks (no docs).

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