PDP 11/73 SLU

From: John A. Dundas III <dundas_at_caltech.edu>
Date: Wed Oct 1 10:38:01 2003

>I really have no need for all the custom stuff and would just as soon
>remove it as use it. I do have a spare DHV11 here that I could put in
>the box, but I do not know if the DHV11 can be used as a standard serial

Nope, the DHV cannot be used as a console interface. If you have a M8192
(same setup I have) then your choices are roughly: DLV11 (I believe either
-E or -F will work; I am currently using M8028), DLV11-J (M8043, a 4 port
interface that uses special connectors; I've used this also), and there may
be a very few others. You need something that responds to the standard
console CSR/vector.

Don't throw the DHV out as that will still be useful for other things, just
not helpful as a console.


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