TI 990 minicomputer

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Wed Oct 1 14:06:51 2003

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> I have a 990 without operating system, this is a wonderful new :)
> It' difficult make a copy ?

No problem at all, I would be happy to make you a copy. The only problem is
media - I am not sure if I will have enough spare disk packs to copy one and
send to you. Do you have a blank pack for the CDC 80mb drive you could send
me, and I could copy the OS onto that? Or can this type of media still be
purchased (for the cdc 80mb drive)?

I know nothing about how to run this system, so it will take me a few months
to get around to learning it and trying it out and seeing how to copy disk
packs. Feel free to email me now and then to see if I'm there yet - I have
no problems making a copy for you.

Jay West

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