Bruker Aspect 3000 computer and drives available

From: Dan Cohoe <>
Date: Wed Oct 1 18:46:47 2003

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> Subject: Bruker Aspect 3000 computer and drives available
> Wow -- these are funny computers. If I'm not mistaken the Aspect 3000
> is a more modern looking machine than the Bruker/Nicolet one that
> Sellam has pictures of. I'd love to see a picture of it if you can
> get one.
> It has semiconductor memory. It uses some bit-slice ALU or other. The
> disk drive that's with it, if it's a removable type, is probably RK05
> compatible, although I read that later models supported SCSI disks.
> I used one of these in graduate school that was part of an
> experimental NMR imager (this was before the marketing types came up
> with "MRI" to get rid of the word "nuclear"). It came with an
> assembler and Pascal compiler. If I'm not mistaken the OS was called
> Adakos. It was a two-task foreground/background thing. Our
> application program was called Tomikon, but I think the one used for
> analytical work was called DISNMR.
> Sad to say I can't remember the history of the Bruker/Nicolet link.
> It may be that Bruker started out making just spectrometers and
> originally bought their computers from Nicolet (or vice versa). But,
> I believe that the Aspect 3000 was entirely Bruker's creation. Back
> the mid to late 80's, they were making and selling these out of
> Karlsruhe, Germany, and had a sales/support office in Billerica, MA.
> I spent a week at the Karlesuhe factory for training.
> These machines are probably still in use in the basements of
> University chemistry departments and possibly in corporate labs. If
> the University that has it doesn't want it, they might find a taker
> by posting on one of the NMR newsgroups. Or, someone with a keen
> interest in bizarre Pascal implementations should rescue this.
> Brian

Yes you're describing it pretty well I think, not nearly as
"classic-looking" as the one Sellam has. A list member with an interest in
NMR has asked for it so I'll pick it up within a week or two.

The fixed drive is a large fixed disk type,not a removable pack type.

I'll post a picture of it when I get it home.

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