Intel Above Board AT

From: Wayne M. Smith <>
Date: Thu Oct 2 01:03:01 2003

> Could somebody help me with the original software-installer
> for the Intel
> Above Board AT?
> I got such a board in a 286 AT and I were too keen to get it working,
> however all the installers I found were for some different type of AB.
> Thanks for caring! Steff

Well of course we care!

I have three discs for the Above Board:

1. Installation for Intel Above Boards (Classic Bus Versions) LIM EMS
2. Intel Above Board ISA Installation Diskette
3. Above Board Setup

I also have the following documentation:

1. Installation Guide for Intel Above Board Plus 8 and Plus 8 I/O (at
least 200 pgs. long)
2. Information sheet for Lotus/Intel/Microsoft Expanded Memory
Specification Version 4.0
3. Upgrading Above Board Software, copyright 1989
4. One sheet entitled "Recent News About Above Board Plus and Plus 8"

Let me know what problem you are having and perhaps I can help.


P.S. One interesting thing about the Intel Above Board is that there
are a large number of chips on it (mostly RAM) but none of them are
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