Quick Basic (Bob Mason): Zipping it

From: R. Mueller <r.mueller_at_fz-juelich.de>
Date: Wed Oct 1 10:28:56 2003

I could ZIP the files, though not eagerly. QB 4.5 fits on two 3.5 inch
diskettes, so it is not large by today's standards. I do not recall how
large 7.x is. It always amazes me to look at modern bloatware and compare
how little more USEFUL work it produces than earlier, much smaller
programs. I happen to have Winword 2 and it meets most of my needs. In
fact, except for Internet activities, I am not sure any program I need
requires Windows past Windows for Workgroups=3.11. I find Quick Basic
sufficient for most calculations and I doubt Visual Basic will do any more
beyond filling a larger chunk of my hard disk and DRAM, unless it can
handle a larger array (matrix), which is a real limitation in Quick Basic,
which dates back to the time of 1 MB machines. Of course, if I loose my
mind and decide to promote my image in the form of elaborate Web pages, or
to write some parasites, I will find Visual Basic better, but I have not
yet reached that stage.

I suggest writing directly to me if you are requesting a copy of QB; it
reduces the clutter on the newsgroup and it is doubtful others
care whether I email one of you the program. And I will send 4.5 unless
you really need 7.x (I am not sure where the diskettes are!).

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