CorelSCSI for Macintosh

From: Mark <>
Date: Thu Oct 2 12:12:42 2003


I recently picked up a copy of CorelSCSI v1.01 for Macintosh on eBay.

What was the last/final version of CorelSCSI for the Mac? Does anyone have a
version later than 1.01?

I'd also like to get hold of earlier Corel SCSI-related Mac software. I think
the product names were CorelDRIVER and Optistar.

Some background: CorelSCSI allows SCSI devices to be used on (older) Mac
computers. Apart from CD-ROM and direct-access devices, e.g. SyQuest drives
and rewritable magneto-optical, it supports WORM drives and media. It may be
the only Mac software which supports write-once media, with Mac applications
seeing WORM disks as normal HFS volumes. It's no longer sold or supported by

No more modern packages like FWB Hard Disk Toolkit and FormatterOne from
Software Architects support write-once media.

-- Mark
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