AMSTRAD PCW8256 systems & sw available

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Date: Thu Oct 2 23:59:32 2003

I have 3 complete systems, all working. All upgraded to 512k.

Two desktop cases, one w/single 5 1/4", one w/two 5 1/4"
(PCW can be config'd to use both, instead of 3" A:, 5 1/4" B:)
One contains a home-made (wire-wrapped) ser/par interface

Two spare 5 1/4" drives

Chips for 2 more memory upgrades

A few printer ribbons

Numerous Public Domain prog's, on 3" and 5 1/4"

A couple of dozen 3" diskettes, all written to.

A couple of year's worth of the PCW SIG Newsletters
(Al Warsh's UG)

Various PCW app's -
Mini-Office Professional
DBase II
LocoScript II
more - I can't recall exactly, but will look for it if you ask about it.

Let me know if you're interested.

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