HP DOS O/S help?

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Fri Oct 3 08:13:15 2003

I have an HP diagnostics pack on 7900 media that I would like to put on 1/2
bootable mag tape. According to the manuals on the diganostic configurator,
going from 7900 to 7970 media isn't directly supported by the configurator
diag initialization routine. It does say that the way to do it is to boot up
DOS or RTE and copy the binary images from disk to tape.

I know nothing about DOS or RTE. From what I can tell DOS should be much
easier to set up quickly and require less knowledge/learning than RTE. I
have no desire to learn DOS or RTE, I just want to get something up quickly
and temporarily that will let me copy the diag suite from 7900 pack to 7970
mag tape. Does anyone here know how to install DOS on a 2100/7900/7906
system and what commands to use to copy the diag absolute binary images from
disk to tape? I'd appreciate the quick "cheat sheet" version.


Jay West

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