Strange Qbus cards: Data Systems Design and Marconi

From: Joe <>
Date: Fri Oct 3 19:49:40 2003

At 05:08 PM 10/3/03 -0700, you wrote:
>"Fred N. van Kempen" <> asks about:
>> - two Data Systems Design cards.. half-height, some RAM, some PROMs
>> and a fair bit of logic. One 16Mhz xtal. One connector (28 pins
>> or so)
>Most likely one of their floppy subsystem controllers, possibly for
>a DSD 440. It's software-compatible with an RX02, but you have to have
>their drive box as the cable interface isn't compatible with anything

   I just scrapped several DSD drives. I asked about them here on the list
and while there was lots of discussion, no one seemed interested in the
drives. They didn't go to waste though. The floppy drives are spares for my
Intel systems and I'm saving the 8" hard drives for use in Compupros and
the like.


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