Strange Qbus cards: Data Systems Design and Marconi

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Date: Fri Oct 3 21:01:48 2003

The DSD 880 Qbus subsystem used two different cards, the 8832 and the
8836. The connector near the handle is 26 pins. For the 8836, the
16Mhz crystal is in location G9, with the model number of the board on
the edge above that, for instance 808836-05 rev K. There are socketed
24 pin dips in row e, and headers for programming in D4 and F5.

There isn't really any special software for basic use, but if you want
the double sided use of the floppies, then you have to either use
their drivers, or patch your own. The same goes for utilizing more than
the 2-RL02 emulation feature, you have to patch for more logical units.

The board has a bootstrap for either the floppy or the hard drive.

I could look up what is in the 8832, but it is probably pretty close.
Also, the dual height board for the floppy-only DSD440 subsystem
is similar, but I have the board for that at work.

I still use a couple of the DSD880s.

The system came with a diagnostic floppy which complemented the
front panel, but I haven't used it for a long time.

We used to use the DSD880 along with a VT103 and 11/23 in test equipment
that a company I previously worked for sold.

Hope that helps, let me know if you (or somebody else) needs/wants more
info on the 880 series.

Joe Heck, K1LBG
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