Original IBM PC, Apple Macintosh cube, interest?

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Sat Oct 4 00:09:02 2003

>Well, I had at least 4 people asking me individually what the Max
>cubes go for these days. And I do not know the answer.

If you are talking about the original Mac (the 128k Mac), then I believe
they are pushing the $100 mark if they are complete with keyboard and
mouse. Software, manuals, and guided tour audio tapes will push the price
higher. I'm not a pricing expert, that just seems to be what I've seen
them hover around on ebay and other trading lists.

Of course, sometimes they go much lower... I picked on up not long ago
for $25 shipped to me. I only bought it because it was offered on a list
for a few months and no one wanted to buy it at all, and the owner was
threatening to throw it out.

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