HP-85 consumables.

From: Lyle Bickley <lbickley_at_bickleywest.com>
Date: Sun Oct 5 11:19:28 2003

On Friday 03 October 2003 13:28, Eric Smith wrote:
> Jay wrote:
> The HP part number was 98200A, and a lot of web sites claim that the
> DC100A is the replacement, but I don't have any info I would considered
> to be definitive.

As I think I stated in a prior Email, the HP 98200A was the original cartridge
used by HP for the 85 - however the DC100A (I've never seen a DC100) is an
identical tape and works fine as a replacement. I have two restored HP-85's
and the DC100A tapes work perfectly.


> Can the HP-85 format a completely blank tape? Many HP cartridge tape
> drives were not capable of doing that. I've got an HP-85 but have
> never tried using a tape with it.
> Eric

Yes, completely blank tape can be formated with the ERASETAPE command. This
creates a "blank directory" on the tape.

BTW: CAT dislplays a tape directory, STORE "filename" saves a program, LOAD
"filename" loads a program from tape, and PURGE "filename" deletes a program
from tape. To retension a tape use CTAPE.

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