Fat (512K) Mac Revival?

From: Al Hartman <alhartman_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sun Oct 5 12:09:13 2003

It could be something as simple as a bad PRAM battery.
There's a little door in the upper back, that has a
battery in it.

Open it and see if there's a battery in there. If it
hasn't exploded... You probably can try replacing that
as a start.

Next would be the Power Supply/Analog board.

But, yes... You should be able to buy a replacement
cheaper than fixing that unit. Though, you might find
buyers for the parts to help fund that.

Al Hartman

> From: "Andrew Strouse" <kittstr_at_access-4-free.com>
> The recent discussion about reviving a Mac SE/30
> reminded me that I have a "fat mac" in my closet
> collecting dust. I found it after a yard sale a
> few years ago. ( I like to go late and see what
> finds I can get for nothing because the people just
> want the stuff out of their house.) I remember
> when I plugged it in, nothing happened. No sounds,
> lights, bars, patterns, sad/happy macs, etc. Does
> anyone have any suggestions of what to do to
> attempt to get it running. Is it worth it? (I'd
> like to play with it but could I find another one
> that works for less than it will take to fix?)
> It came with a large box of disks, and external
> drive, mouse and keyboard, so it seemed like a
> complete system, except that it doesn't work.
> Thanks in advance.
> Andrew Strouse
>( kittstr_at_access-4-free.com )

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