VAXen available.

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Sun Oct 5 00:29:44 2003

A number of VAXen are available this week from I gave
them all of my "spares machines" which I cannot store and no one in the Bay
Area wanted. The good news is that BDI will ship them to you pretty much
anywhere in the country and the minimum bid is $25. The lot to look for has
3 MV3400's (in BA213 cases), one VAX 4000/300 (in a BA440 case) and one
MicroVAX II in a pedastal BA23 case. I don't recall how complete they are,
I do thing the 4000/300 is complete except for some DSSI plugs which I
needed to bring my 3800 on line. Two of the 3400's have the front "door"
(one says MicroVAX 3400, one says VAXServer 3400). If you've got a 3400 or
4000/300 there are plenty of parts to "enhance" your system. I believe the
4000/300 has 192MB of memory but can't swear to it)

There is also a MicroVAX 3600 in a H9644 rack. This one I've never looked
at in depth other than to note that it has a 4 SCSI drives and a tape but a
gap where the SCSI controller had been. Given that it couldn't talk to the
disks I pretty much ignored it.

Finally there are some PC parts with a nice 17" NEC 5fg monitor (including
the special NEC VGA cable). The monitor is nice but not an "Energy Saver"
(it stays on as long as power is applied, no standby mode) Probably not of
interest to this crowd but I thought I would mention it.

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