Need IIci cache cards

From: Jason McBrien <>
Date: Mon Oct 6 09:47:59 2003

If I remember the benchmark results correctly, the extra 32k speeds up video
by a few percent, and "Scientific" operations (IE floating point math) by a
few tens of percentage points.

I've got a 128k cache card and it speeds up everything by quite a bit.
Probably has something to do with the built-in video getting sped up.

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> > > My indefatigable Macintosh IIci NetBSD server got defatigable and its
> > > card blew (diagnosis made by the fact that when the cache card was
> >
> > OK, what exactly is a "Cache Card"? I would guess that it's CPU cache
on a
> > card of some sort? Is this something limited to the IIci, or do other
> > models in the II series use it?
> AFAIK it's specific to the IIci. It goes in the PDS slot and is 32K of L1
> cache for the '030 (basically equivalent to the L1 that the '040 has built
> in). The performance upgrade is only moderate, but definitely noticible,
> it's a cheap and almost painless way to get more juice out of a IIci.
> Later releases of the IIci had the cache card included (it was an option
> earlier releases).
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