DEC cards available Update

From: John Rollins Jr <>
Date: Mon Oct 6 15:33:49 2003

Started to go fast!
These are still available:

National Semiconductor NS638 - memory card with a 50-pin connector on the front
Sigma Information Systems DZV11 clone
unknown Emulex - marked TU0210401
M7164 KDA50-Q Q-bus SDI adapter 1 of 2
M7606-AF MicroVAX II CPU
M7608-BC not in guide? MicroVAX II RAM
I have three of these: M3104 DHV11-A Q 8-line Asynchronous
Multiplexor, with DMA

These have been spoken for:
M7551-CA MSV11-QC Q 4-Mbyte 22-bit parity/CSR MOS RAM
M7516-YM DELQA-M Q Qbus to Ethernet Turbo Module, Q22
M8053-MA DMV11 Microprogrammed controller (needs one of
M5930-M5931) with DDCMP control ROM (point-to-point or multidrop)


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