black paper tape = mylar?

From: Bob Shannon <>
Date: Mon Oct 6 18:05:02 2003

Mylar paper tape has never come in black, as far as I know.

Black paper tape was sold for use with photoelectric paper tape readers
like HP's, which work, sometimes
with yellow paper (until any oil get on the tape anyway). But the black
stuff makes even a sloppy optical
reader work great, and it does not kill the edges on your punch like
Mylar will do.

Jay West wrote:

>I was wanting to get some mylar paper tape. There is an auction on Ebay for
>6 rolls of "black paper tape"... can one generally assume that black paper
>tape is mylar and not just paper?
>The URL is
>Can anyone advise if this is likely to be mylar or not?
>Jay West
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