memory refresher on PUTR

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Mon Oct 6 18:34:05 2003

>Jay West wrote:

> I believe it was a program called PUTR that I used on a PC to read/write
> 5.25 floppy disks to exchange data with my PDP-11/23 that had an RX50 drive
> in it. Should the PC drive be a 360k floppy or a 1.2m floppy?

Jerome Fine replies:

Look for the John Wilson site at:

On the PC, other responses are CORRECT - a HD 1.2 MByte floppy
drive is REQUIRED!

BUT, the media MUST be the DSDD 360 KByte floppies on the PC
since the RX50 uses ONLY 10 sectors per track. PUTR will FORMAT
both the RX50 and the RX33 media on the same HD 1.2 MByte drive
on the PC, but the RX33 media REQUIRES and has the same LLF
(Low Level Format) as the HD 1.2 MByte Floppy on the PC or
16 sectors per track and is double-sided, of course.

The RX50 requires the DSDD 360 KByte media. Note that the
RX50 is still 80 tracks, but is single-sided and that results in 800 blocks
on the RX50 media vs 2400 blocks on the RX33 media.

Any other questions?

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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