Betr.: Acorn Econet

From: Rob O'Donnell <>
Date: Mon Oct 6 19:48:23 2003

At 09:11 06/10/2003 +0100, Eelco Huininga wrote:

>Another option which I've been working on is adding an Ethernet interface to
>an BBC, and writing a simple TCP/IP stack so that this BBC can act as an
>Econet-Ethernet bridge, but this project is still in the design stage :-)

this link might help:
tcp/ip for 8 bit micros...
linked with - an 8 bit GUI.
I keep looking at it, and wishing I had the time to port it to the Beeb - I
used to do a LOT of low-level work on the beeb in the past.

> >>> Tony Duell <> 10/05 7:20 >>>
>Any ideas as to what I should use, and where to get the necessary

hardware wise, econet is most simply set up as as daisy chain. You used to
be able to get some three-way DIN sockets (three sockets all connected in
parallel) which together with a pile of male-male cables could be used to
set up a link. You ended up with a lot of wire kicking about...

Personally, I just got a pile of chassis-mount sockets, stuck them on a
box, and wired the backs all together in parallel. Aformentioned 5-pin DIN
male-male leads went from a socket to a BBC Econet interface. A terminator
plugs into each end one, and a clock somewhere else.

Software wise, I should have somewhere the BBC fileserver software for
running on a BBC B micro, with or without hard disc, but in both cases it
needs a second processor (or use a Master 128 with the built in 65C102 co-pro).

If you need a copy, email me and I'll try and dig it out.

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