WHO? (was: RE: Help! need 400k/800k Mac os 6 or 7 diskettes!)

From: Ron Hudson <rhudson_at_cnonline.net>
Date: Tue Oct 7 09:24:24 2003

On Tuesday, October 7, 2003, at 08:00 AM, Fred N. van Kempen wrote:

> I lost track of this thread - who needed those diskettes? I just found
> a box (waaah! another box!) of oldish Mac stuff at a customer's place,
> and that seems to have the old System disks - were part of the IIcx kit
> I believe....
> --f

Was me Fred, They have to be low density and I would be interested in
any software on 400K or 800K disks...

My SE is currently running 7.1 but it's incomplete, it doesn't see the
cdrom on the SCSI chain.
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