DEC Pro 380 Info Request

From: Patrick Finnegan <>
Date: Tue Oct 7 13:55:19 2003

On Tuesday 07 October 2003 11:42, Charles H. Dickman wrote:
> I now have a DEC Professional 380 that was originally a VAX Console.
> Inspecting it, I find a floppy interface, a Winchester interface, and an
> RTI interface (used for the VAX I think). The disk is an RD52 with a big
> piece of red tape that says TOP SECRET.

Just about anything marked "TOP SECRET" must be cool : ).

> What are the monochrome monitor specifications (horizontal frequency,
> vertical frequency, etc)? It looks like the NEC 3D can barely get the
> correct sync. This monitor is a bit old and when it warms up it loses
> sync. Not sure if this is a problem with the monitor, or I am just
> stretching its specs too much. A NEC XV17 I tried would not even begin
> to sync.

You should, actually, be able to connect it to a composite NTSC monitor. The
sync rates are the same as or very close to those used on USA analog TV
signals. That's what I used for a display on my PRO 380.

> I read that the printer port is also a console for the Pro. After
> finding the pinouts, I connected a terminal to the port and a break
> dropped me into ODT. Is there microPDP-11/83 style firmware in there
> somewhere that I can use on the PR 1 port or do I have to use the
> keyboard and video?

Most apps on the PRO 380 expected you to use the video console, with the
possible exception of some debuggers, and custom SYSGEN'd copies of RT11 (or
any other DEC OS's that'd run on it). Bascially, you'll want to use a
keyboard and monitor, not a serial console.

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