{WAS} Re: anyone ... {is} 300mb head crashes, and Western Dynex acquired

From: jim <jwstephens_at_msm.umr.edu>
Date: Tue Oct 7 22:02:19 2003

I hate to be a poop, but I would imagine that if you loaded and tried
to run this, you'ed end up with slag.

I had several 300's and they are very sensitive to contamination. If
you have a pack inspection and cleaning system or portable version,
and the cleaning materials, you probably could get a pack up to shape
not to crash all the heads.

I would want a lot of heads available just in case of disaster too,
as it was not if but when as to the problem of crashes.

these are wonderful machines to have, but I am torn about how
to use them given the fact that they are like fine wristwatches,
which have to work perfectly at 1700 rpm or so, and do that

I probably had some HEPA filters, but doubt they have survived
my moves, sad to say.

I am doing a massive move right now and will hold on to what I
have and post the numbers if anyone is interested.

I did find and purchase a western dynex 5 over 5 model 6000,
which I just got posession of today from a DRMO auction. They
are 4 heads instead of 10 or 20, and the media is much easier (and
less of it) to clean. Hopefully it will be functional to run on a
Microdata system I have in stock, looking for a drive to run on it.

Thanks to whoever posted the recent note about a DRMO auction
as I found this drive while surfing the auctions around that posting.


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> That was a nice one and I hope to get one someday.
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> > CDC 97xx disc drive. Looks very clean.
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