anyone notice this gorgeous piece?

From: Steven M Jones <>
Date: Wed Oct 8 11:41:39 2003

John Allain wrote:
> I take care of the all-go/no-show problem of nonremovables
> by having one drive partially dismantled, for show and it's
> twin all set up for running. To me the inside of a Fujitsu
> M2351A Eagle is as impressive machinery as a Harley engine.

Now that would be impressive! Showing the engineering, machining,
and general complexity of gear like this would I think be
literally awesome. You might not get the kiddies to conceded that
it could be cool to play games that aren't photorealistically
rendered (let alone ASCII), but I think they'd be dumbstruck by
seeing how enormously complicated real world objects can be.

The real-world analogy would be the moving partial cutaways of
motors seen at autoshows. I'm sure it's come up before, but I
don't remember seeing anything like this at the Boston Computer
Museum many, many years ago. Are there some exhibits like this
in the CHM's new digs?

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