DEC 11/23 FP option (FPF11/M8188) information request

From: Joe <>
Date: Wed Oct 8 15:38:57 2003


  I have the DEC Microcomputer Processor handbook (1979/1980) and it has a
complete chapter on the 11/23 CPU. There's a section in that that describes
the Floating Point Option and another sewction that describes the
configuration setting. But there's nothing in either section that indicates
that any jumpers have to be set for the FP option. There's also a chapter
on Floating Point operation but it only describes the operands and such.
There's no indication in this book that you need to do anything after
installing the FP option.


At 09:52 AM 10/8/03 -0500, you wrote:
>I've managed to pick up an FPF11/M8188 (PDP-11/23 Floating Point option)
>for my PDP-11/23, and I'm wondering if anyone here knows how to set up/
>configure this thing. It's a standard-looking dual-height QBUS module,
>with a 2x20 pin header at the top of the card (with the QBUS fingers
>pointing downward. I've got a non-+ 11/23 CPU board that I'd like to get
>it to work with, currently stuck in a BA23 cabinet.
>Thanks for any help!
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