Digi-Data corporation Tape drive docs sought

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Date: Thu Oct 9 07:36:59 2003

114 (7 inch diameter reel, 25 ips max speed)
9 (9 track)
86 (800/1600 bpi)
2 (again, 25 ips)
240 ( 240 volts ac)
Fp (PE only)

The manual shows 6 connectors on the bottom of the unit, probably
inside. These are labelled J1 through J6. J1,J2 are motor control.
J3, J4 are read card. J5,J6 are write/control card. J1,J2 are closest
to front.

On the top edge of the write/control card (closest to rear) are the
two fifty-pin I/O connections.

The manual says nothing about JA through JD. Perhaps it is an add-on
formatter, which is not detailed in the manuals.

Hope that helps, but I don't see how. Nothing matches for connectors.

Joe Heck

Andreas wrote:

Subj: Digi-Data corporation Tape drive docs sought

Hello all,

I got a Digi-Data Corporation, Model 1149-86-2-240-FP, Tape-Drive. I'm
interested in any kind of documentation, esp, how to connect this tape
to an Emulex TC02 tape-controller. The tape-controller has two
connectors labeled J1 and J2, the tape-drive has four connectors,
labeled JA to JD, so there are multiple choices while tring to connect
the tape-drive, so I need some help!

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