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From: Maxwell K. Froedge <>
Date: Mon Oct 6 17:33:50 2003


You want a machine with a 1.2 meg floppy diskette drive.
You also do not want to use the 1.2 meg floppy diskettes.
Instead use the 360K or even better quad density.

Putr is by John Wilson. His website is:



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>Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2003 09:21:04 -0500
>From: "Jay West" <>
>Subject: memory refresher on PUTR
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>I used to know this, but have forgotten, and now I'm getting ready to dig
>the software back out...
>I believe it was a program called PUTR that I used on a PC to read/write
>5.25 floppy disks to exchange data with my PDP-11/23 that had an RX50 drive
>in it. Should the PC drive be a 360k floppy or a 1.2m floppy?
>Wonder if there is some story as to the history of "disc" vs. "disk" :) HP
>always used "disc".
>Jay West
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