ASR33 Teletype interfacing

From: David Gesswein <>
Date: Mon Oct 6 20:51:16 2003

From: Ian Primus <>
>One problem is that I don't know
>what the Teletype is _supposed_ to do. I have never seen one
Did you see my teletype page? It has movies of an operating teletype Not too different than operation
in local mode.

>I have been attempting to get my ASR33 teletype connected to something
>and communicating, but so far I have not been successful. I have built
>the interface here :
It looks pretty marginal, a lot of serial ports aren't going to have the
drive. I made a converter with optoisolators & rs-232 chips etc
which is a lot more complex than needed and also was a little strange since I
made it before I got that degree. If nobody has pointed you to a better one
I can scan my schematic, >15 years ago radio shack had the parts.

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