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Date: Wed Oct 8 12:27:50 2003

I'm fowarding this from Geoffrey Rochat of the RCS/RI, confirming that they do,
in fact, still exist.

Oh yes, the RetroComputing Society of Rhode Island is still very much in
business ( {As is the Rhode Island Computer Museum
(} I don't know why you couldn't get through by e-mail,
other than the fact that "Shrimp", the RCS/RI's faithful Sun server, has its
good days and its bad days, and it's anyone's bet what today is. And I
don't know whether the phone is still there or not, but unless it's a
monthly Open House it's a crap shoot as to whether anyone's on-premises to
pick it up. I for one don't subscribe to Classic Comp, having dropped it
after having watched a particularly ferocious case of flaming break out, so
this was kindly forwarded to me by Marc Bileau, who is very active in the
RCS/RI's activities.

So, just what is this item up for auction? I doubt we're bidding on it in
any case, as money is a bit tight all around right now. But if it's good
we'd be delighted to receive a donation.

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> Does anybody know if the Retrocomputing Society of Rhode Island
> ( is still around? I've sent a couple of e-mails
> their way, and tried their phone number, but not with any luck.
> I saw one of the things on their online "wish-list" up for auction on
> eBay, and thought about having a go at getting it for them, but it'd be
> nice to know if they still needed it first. (Not to mention making sure I
> wasn't bidding _against_ them. <g>)
> -O.-
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