GE 73 bulbs for RL02

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Thu Oct 9 09:19:41 2003

        Try They have just about everything. I once found a really exotic neon lamp for a 1950's VTVM from them at a pretty reasonable price.

        Good hunting.

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On 06-Oct-03 at 15:08 John A. Dundas III wrote:

>Can anyone recommend a good source for the GE 73 bulbs used in the front
>panel switches of the RL02?
>A web search turned up Atlanta Light Bulbs. They claim to have them for
>$0.99/ea, minimum quantity 10. However when you try to check out, the
>minimum $ order is ~$30.
>I don't mind buying 10, but 30 is too many and I'm not really short on
>other bulbs at this time. Any suggestions?

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