LK201 key stuck

From: Kevin Handy <>
Date: Thu Oct 9 11:52:39 2003

Tony Duell wrote:

>We had a totally wrecked one at a place I was working, so we (the system
>manager and I) took it apart one night. Cut off the heat stakes and
>pulled the layers apart. Putting it back together proved impossible,
>there simply wasn't enough plastic left to re-stake it. I would not
>recomend taking one apart that you plan to re-use.
You can sometimes build up the plastic using a "spin welding" technique.
Take a chunk of plastic (a part tree from a plastic model usually works
and put it into a drill chuck. With the drill running moderately fast
are definitely recommended), press it against the spot you want to weld it.
Friction will melt the two together.

Success depends on how well the two plastics will bond together.
Some plastics will not bond well together.
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