cctalk Digest, Vol 2, Issue 13

From: ben franchuk <>
Date: Thu Oct 9 12:14:09 2003

Bill Sudbrink wrote:
>>>>Ok , you leave her there. I'll carry her to the bedroom. :)
>>>Bedroom? Wheres your sense of adventure? ;)
>>"A Real Retroist(tm) does it... on top of a VAX 11/7x0 !" ..
> I've always wondered if anyone has "done it" on the couch/bench
> around the classic column styled Cray.

Your free to buy one for the bedroom if you like. I don't think so
myself since the hardware was running 24/7 and somebody was always
around. I'll tell you what, you keep the vax , I'll take the cute punch
card girls in the mini-skirts.
PS ... you do have a bedroom with a bed, or do you just sleep under
the big iron?
Also I have been spending my meager income on hi-fi big iron,
a vintage vacuum tube amp at the moment, so I don't expect to
be getting a vintage computer in my life. I'd like to build
a vintage style machine but I still need to design the sucker.
Modern machines may be 'user friendly' but not friendly to the
users like the small 12 and 16 bit machines of days gone by.
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