HP9k video and other questions

From: John Rollins Jr <kd7bcy_at_teleport.com>
Date: Thu Oct 9 13:52:20 2003

Does anyone have a pinout for the video connector on an HP9000/425? Or a list of compatible monitors(doesn't seem to be VGA unless the whole thing is dead)? Lucky me, I went to Wacky Willy's yesterday and found an Apollo keyboiard and mouse and an HP-IL mouse!

Another question that is a bit OT... Same WW visit I found a Fujitsu RA12 DSL modem. OK, it seems that it's for Verizon frame relays only, and I don't have a PS for it anyway. But trying to reverse engineer the thing I found a PS port pin labeled "PRW_GOOD". What does that mean? the rest of the unit wants +/-15v, 5v and 3.3v on various pins but it's probably going into a parts box, I'm just curious what it might be and what sort of signal it would be.

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