[Fwd: paper tape, black or otherwise, and non-paper]

From: Tom Jennings <tomj_at_wps.com>
Date: Thu Oct 9 15:47:15 2003

I don't know why everyone's so hot to buy old oxidized crumbly tape when
you can buy it BRAND NEW MANUFACTURE from www.westnc.com for cheaper...
mylar too (not cheap).

* Mylar is shiny and strong. You can (almost) tow a car with it.

* Paper is, well, paper. It rips.

* Except when it's not: there are paper-mylar-paper hybrid tapes, which
were once popular; it handles like paper but is much tougher. In the URL
below, the larger picture on the left is hybrid tape.

* There are oiled paper tapes, but those were mostly for mechanical

Most "modern" punches handle mylar. ASR33's and the like do NOT, they
like oiled paper.

Many really-low-cost readers, like from the early hobby computer era,
prefer black tape, since the cheaper reader heads needed 100% contrast
(and yellow tape passes yellow->IR (incandescent) light).


PS: A quick check of WestNC's website shows skyrocketing prices! I think
they are phasing it out... maybe I should stockpile more...
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