Erasing Eprom by using UV-Led

From: Adrian Haunstetter <>
Date: Thu Oct 9 16:11:30 2003

Hello Mr. Shannon,

in the topic "A way to erase OTP components?" I read that you succeeded to erase windowed 27C512 using a UV-Led.
Because I'm about to build a combined Programmer/Eraser, where erasing shall be done with UV-Led, I like to ask you about your experiences.
What type of Led do you use?
How long do you need to erase?
What was the distance between Led and Chip?
Did you made Test with other devices?
I hope you take a little bit of your time to answer me.

With best regards

Adrian Haunstetter
Received on Thu Oct 09 2003 - 16:11:30 BST

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