5.25" floppies available

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Fri Oct 10 10:24:16 2003

I've got a large pile of 5.25" floppies available. These seem to have no
resale value on ebay, so I'm offering them here.

I've got some that are labeled as HD, some as DD, and a huge pile that
are not labeled at all (which I know some are HD and some DD).

All the disks are used, and most have labels with writing on them. Some
have multiple lables stacked up, some have write protect tabs. Just about
all have sleeves (I noticed 3 or 4 while sorting that didn't).

Some may get bulk erased before they are sent out, but most will be left
in whatever state they are in (if you have some amazing interest in
reading market research reports on products from 10 years ago, then this
is your chance)

If anyone wants some, tell me how many you want, and where you want them
sent. All I'm asking for is postage + $1.00. For that price, you can have
as many of whatever kind you want (up to the max number I have, which I
don't yet know as the pile is still growing).

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