Last call: 7" 9 track reel tapes

From: chris <>
Date: Fri Oct 10 10:34:05 2003

Last call on 7" 9 track reel to reel tapes. They are labeled as "Endura
800 BPI to 6250 CPI BASF". All have data on them, none will be erased
before shipping.

I have 3 cases of 24 left. A case is $8.00 to mail in the USA via Media
Mail rate. I had been asking $10.00 for a case plus shipping ($18.00
total for 24 tapes, so less then a buck a tape). If I get no takers, they
are going in the trash, so I'm open to offers on their sale price.

And for you googlers that are going to see this posting 6 years from now
and ask... this is dated 10/10/03, and the tapes will be in the garbage
by 10/13/03... so if you are reading too much later than that, don't
bother asking, they are already gone.

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