VCF 6.0 is this weekend!

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Sat Oct 11 02:29:30 2003

                      Vintage Computer Festival
           Saturday, October 11 through Sunday, October 12
                         10am until 6pm Daily
                       Computer History Museum
          1401 N. Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View, California

This is the last VCF 6.0 update. Be sure to come out to the Vintage
Computer Festival this weekend or you will miss the best VCF ever!

We've had some last minute schedule changes and additions to the
speaker schedule. The schedule is as follows:

Saturday, October 11

Time Speaker Topic
-------- ------------------- --------------------------------------
10:00 AM Evan Koblentz History of the PDA
11:00 AM Zbigniew Stachniak Microcomputing in Canada 1973-1983
11:30 AM Christine Finn Collecting the Collectors
12:00 PM Len Shustek Keynote Speech
12:30 PM Lynne & Bill Jolitz The Symmetric 375 and Berkeley Unix
 1:00 PM Xerox Alto Panel Xerox Alto 30th Birthday Bash!

Sunday, October 12

Time Speaker Topic
-------- ------------------- --------------------------------------
10:00 AM Joey Tuttle A Personal History of the IBM 5100
11:00 AM Forth Panel Using Forth with Vintage Computers
11:30 AM Todd Fischer IMSAI History & the New IMSAI Series 2
12:00 PM Jef Raskin The Humane Interface
12:30 PM Sellam Ismail VCF Shenanigans
 1:00 PM Bruce Damer Joys and Trials of Computer Collecting

The Xerox Alto panel has expanded, with Charles Simonyi, Peter
Deutsch, and Dave Robson being added to the panel. This is going to
be an incredible reunion of Xerox PARC luminaries, not to mention the
amazing showing of numerous Xerox Alto and D-machines that are on
display in the "Groove Lounge". Come help celebrate the 30th birthday
of the Xerox Alto with cake and maybe even a deliciously nerdy
birthday cheer.

Also, be sure to make it to the Computer History Museum book sale on
Saturday at 2:00pm. Museum members will be allowed advanced admission
to the booksale before the rest of the public. More information about
the book sale can be found here:

Please check out the carpool message board in the VCF 6.0 BBS to see
if there are folks in need of a ride that you may be able to

Here are directions to the Computer History Museum:

I'll see you at VCF 6.0!

Best regards,

Sellam Ismail
Vintage Computer Festival

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