Data I/O Series 22 EPROM Programmer help

From: Tothwolf <>
Date: Mon Oct 13 01:44:31 2003

On Sun, 12 Oct 2003, Ian Primus wrote:

> I have an ancient Data I/O Series 22 programmer that I have been
> attempting to get working. I have the manual, and I managed to get it to
> power up.

> I connected a VT220 terminal, and have been able to control the
> programmer (to an extent) from the terminal. I can type the commands for
> copy, etc. But, the manual states that I should get some feedback on the
> terminal screen, as well as on the programmer's readout.

Does the programmer want hardware flow control?

> Has anyone had any experience dealing with an EPROM programmer like
> this? What format is the data transferred in, and how can I communicate
> with the programmer from the computer. The manual is pretty cryptic
> about it, and mentions that the programmer is capable of sending and
> receiving data in no less than 20 formats, none of which seem like
> anything I have heard of before.

The manual is probably referring to the format of the data you wish to
program into a chip. I usually just use a raw binary format unless I need
something else for some reason.

> What is the 'standard' method of transferring data two and from a serial
> EPROM programmer? Should I be able to see data on a terminal if I dump
> the data to the serial port, or is it in some non-ASCII format that the
> terminal (and Linux) can't render? I am lost here. Any suggestions would
> be appreciated.

There may not really be any one "standard" way of transferring data to/from
programmers, but a common method is kermit with a terminal program on the
host computer.

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