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From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Tue Oct 14 14:09:45 2003

Quothe John Lawson, from writings of Tue, Oct 14, 2003 at 02:13:43PM -0400:
> PS: Just try asking a Home Depot Associate for a HEPA Filter that fits
> your DEC RL02.... ;}

Isn't that a mean thing to do? ;-) After all, some of the clerks in
those stores get rather confused when one asks for some basic hardware
for home repairs, such as "real" windows panes---that is, wavy with
lead in them, or for the square center shaft of a doorknob... items
that one could find in "real" hardware stores. It never ceases to
amaze me how much in the way of actual hardware, from the right
washer, hinge, bolt or pulley, to the right type of paint, one could
find in a small hardware store with wooden floors and narrow aisles as
opposed to not being able to find what one wants in those huge
so-called hardware stores that sell everything from warped knotty wood
and plastic bathtubs to snowblowers and a huge array of light-fixtures
with plastic sockets that will melt if one puts anything larger than a
60 watt bulb in them.

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