VCF 6.0 pictures

From: Erik S. Klein <>
Date: Tue Oct 14 18:53:22 2003

I added descriptions to the pictures and integrated the VCF 6 stuff with
the rest of my site. Feel free to check out and please let me know what you
think, especially if I missed something, misidentified someone or
otherwise messed up.

The show was truly awesome this year. I can't wait to hear the
attendance numbers from Sellam. I'm pretty sure records were broken.

The displays were amazing, as always, and the computers were incredible
as well. It's fun to realize that you were in the same building as 3 of
the maybe 30 or 40 remaining Apple Is in existence. There were two
equally rare Mark-8s in attendance and several other machines that you
just don't see every day.


   Erik Klein
   The Vintage Computer Forum
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