air filters

From: ed sharpe <>
Date: Tue Oct 14 22:24:42 2003

one thing I always had respect for was getting the correct filter...
anything else was fair game for the duct tape and bailing wire but did NOT
want crashes!

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> > Though this does make one think that it may not be that hard to steal
> > paper filter from an existing (larger) HEPA filter , cut it to the
> > size, and hot melt it into the old filter casing...
> Of course, bear in mind you're in for some spectacular crashes if the
> media you get at home depot doesn't have exactly the same airflow
> as the one you replace. The air flow through the filter media is very
> carefully calculated to get the right amount of air into the media cavity
> the heads can fly on that cusion of air. I seem to recall the head disk
> on a 7906 is about 20 microinches or so? I don't think I'll be playing
> the unknown filter media" games anytime soon.
> Jay
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