Roland LAPC-1 Card

From: K.C. Budd <>
Date: Mon Oct 13 18:23:22 2003

Hello. I just ran across a message where you were asking someone else if
they still had any Roland LAPC-1 cards.

I have one that has been on my shelf for years. Do you want it?

As far as I know it works, but it hasn't been in a PC in over 8 years.
I'll mail it to you if you'd like. If it works, you can give me whatever
you think it's worth. If not, you can just have it. :-)

The board has the following inscription on it:

ASSY 75420300 00 MADE IN JAPAN

Let me know!

Received on Mon Oct 13 2003 - 18:23:22 BST

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